Meet Joanie V.

As a private chef, I’ve seen first-hand the positive effects of clean food, farm-to-table fare and plant-based diets on the overall health of my clients. I’m crazy passionate about bringing a holistic approach to creating nutrient-dense and diverse cuisine made from fresh, whole-food ingredients. My recipes are going to leave you looking and living the real rockstar life.

Clean Food

I’m eager to share with you (and your four-legged friends!) clean and nutritious foods using only the freshest ingredients. Keeping clean, fresh and delicious recipes on your table is my top priority.

Good Health

With a passion for health and wellness and a Bachelor’s of Science in Holistic Nutrition and Natural Health, I feel responsible to help those who eat to live, eat well, but thoughtfully well. I specialize in skillfully customizing, pallet specific meals and snacks to fuel my very active clients and I have witnessed first-hand the benefits of a clean diet.


Buying local and organic foods not only benefit your health but also creates a lasting connection in your community. I fully support buying local and supporting the local economy, as well as the environment. So, join me in buying local and start enjoying more restaurants who pride themselves in serving farm-to-table dishes. It doesn’t get any better than eating well and supporting local businesses all at the same time.

What Makes Me Rock



While working in the music & motion picture industry and in private service for 25 years – I pretty much ate my way around the world developing recipes from the foods I loved the most. I’ve fed actors, cast and crew on sets and stages. I’ve created recipes for my vegetarian restaurant, as well as, cooked for those who “eat to live”. I designed meal plans for bodybuilders and fitness junkies seeking body transformation and focused on nutritional therapy for private families (and their loveable pets)! I am now sharing all my clean food knowledge and yummy recipes to you, my readers. Let’s go!

Easy Recipes

Straightforward and simple recipes may seem basic, but my recipes deliver step-by-step instructions with a list of necessary ingredients. This lifestyle rocks for anyone – whether you’re an amateur cook or a master chef!


Unique Approach

My cooking style is specific and unique to me – using seasonal, minimally-processed, nutrient-dense, antioxidant and enzyme-rich whole foods, take clean eating to a whole new level.


Personalized Catering

Whether you have a strong desire to reach your full-health potential on your own or you’re seeking a culinary partner to meet your personal and professional goals – I’m here for you. I may even interest you in adapting and enjoying multiple different diets within the same household, while including fresh culinary creations for your furry friends.

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