Live, Love, Wander

Get to know me, Joanie V, in and outside the kitchen. I have a quest to share my ongoing 25-year romance with food and all that comes with it. I want to light you up inside and out, and inspire you and your pets to live your best lives!

How to Feed Your Mind

To all my rockstars who find their true heart and soul in fitness – I hear you! I want to help you explore a mindset that will make you a true winner.

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Bake My Way

In this post, I’m going to give you all my (not so) secret insights as to what you should look for in foods when you’re trying to be super healthy, but in a way that will still satisfy you and your family. Read on rockstar!

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Seasonal Foodie Greetings

Sending all my foodie rockstars the happiest of seasonal greetings and cheers to the new year! I want to share with you what I’m super grateful for this year – and that’s farmer’s markets, and you!

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The Spirit of the Irish

Is Roisin Dubh really a song about Ireland or actually a poet's love for a woman's beauty? Roisin Dubh (Dark Rosaleen or Little Dark Rose) is a 16th-century Irish song that was thought to be written as a political tune for Ireland but is based on an older love-lyric...

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Get Your Glow On

I want to introduce you to some of my favorite all-natural, cruelty-free resources that promote healthy, radiant, glowing skin and good health.

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Nature is Blooming

Everywhere I look, nature is in bloom! If you’re gardening this year, whether for beautiful flowers or bountiful crops, consider planting a few seeds for the benefit of your pets.

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Eat Like a Rock God or Goddess

Choosing the right food and drink in the summer can be a challenge. But, we are what we eat after all. What we put into our bodies directly affects how much energy we have, and how we feel on the daily.

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