I changed my mind, and it changed my life.

Feeling gratitude, as I know it, is the highest vibration of love there is. This energy connects your inner self with a universal source code of abundance that awaits you – whether you like it or not. Unfortunately, many people forget to remember and incorporate this into their daily lives when trying to manifest their desires. Many do it wrong. But don’t worry – I’m here to help!

The law of attraction has helped me understand why my life spiraled out of my control a few years ago. Looking back, it was a blessing in disguise that my mentally-abusive, now ex-husband abandoned me and our dogs with inconceivable demoralization, deception, and betrayal. Instead of fueling myself with positivity and optimism, I let anger fuel the fire. That anger created years and years of chaos and turmoil that ended with me losing almost everything I owned. Walking away with just my elderly dogs and the clothes on my back after long exposure to toxic mold. Moving five times in only two years because I was making decisions based out of fear. Let’s just go ahead and say it – life sucked for a while.

At my darkest and most pathetic hour, I focused more on complaining about the people who hurt me, what I didn’t have, where I was being forced to live, on and on. But of course, this was only making things worse. I was essentially affirming what I was preaching to myself; thinking, feeling, becoming. I got more of the same until I finally snapped out of it.

And I realized, I am the master, creator, and scriptwriter of my life. It was up to me to change how I was living, and I was finally ready to get started.

One day in November 2016, at a Celebrate Your Life Conference, I learned about the law of attraction, spiritual practices, and how to transform my life through the use of powerful feeling and thinking, in order to tap into the universal field energy field and source of abundance.

I’m talking about a real, genuine, full-body, hell yeah feeling.

Believing in and celebrating your intentions and desires as if they’ve already happened. Even having the power to change your biology. I mean, this is powerful stuff, and so easy to do. My experiences have resulted in a miraculous healing and fresh, new outlook and perspective. I changed my mind, and it changed my life. In weeks. So, now I want to help you do the same!

To start is simple:
In a journal, I began to put pen to paper and started affirming my heart’s deepest desires. I set my intent, started to take action, and my life changed pretty much overnight. I’m not even kidding! The recipe for my life’s success is a daily ritual of meditation, creative visualization, gratitude, and constant journaling.

What now will you do, be and have, knowing that your thoughts and feelings are just energy that possess vibrations that carry you to where you’re meant to be? In essence, you are responsible for manifesting and co-creating your own destiny. So be careful what you say to yourself and what you wish for – because you just might get it.

I dare you to make the feeling of gratitude a habit, and an attitude. Join me in a daily morning ritual by practicing the art of gratitude meditation, affirmations, and journaling.

Open your heart. Your daily life is not just filled with a bunch of random occurrences that happen at will. I believe everything that happens to us happens because we need it to. Start emanating a constant feeling of appreciation for even the smallest things in your life. Wake up, look around and speak using gratitude affirmations.

  • Thank you, bed for a good night’s sleep
  • Thank you, dog for giving me unconditional love and admiration
  • Thank you, blue sky for lighting up my day
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for being alive
  • I am so grateful for the opportunity to practice my creativity
  • I am so grateful for the abundance in my life
  • I am so grateful to my tribe who helps me thrive
  • I am so grateful for the beauty all around me
  • I am so grateful to my fearless creative sources

Here’s a list of my favorite gratitude and transformation meditation guides:

Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon
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Dr. Joe Dispenza

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Kenneth Soares

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Tony Robbins

You Can Heal Your Life
Louise Hay

Other favorite leaders of gratitude:

Jay Chodagam
Mellissa Dormy
Tara Brach

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