Season’s greetings to all my foodie rockstars!

And gratitude to mother nature, as well as my regional and local organic farmers who blessed us with yet another generation of nutrient-rich, naturally healthy topsoil that produced a healthy harvest for 2018.

I’m extra grateful this year for the new movement of eco-friendly concerned citizens from 8 to 80 years old, who share with us a wealth of time-honored expression to their needs as well as some traditional, old-fashioned skills in sustainable agriculture. If you’re a Lowcountry native, or just passing through – I want to invite you to join me at The Bluffton Farmers Market in South Carolina!

Healthy soil → Healthy plants → Healthy food

Using farmer’s markets to your advantage is not only important to your family’s nutritional health, but it’s also extremely important to the many local and regional organic farmers and ranchers whom we depend on for our year-round, fresh food supply. As for myself, both personally and professionally, being a “Clean Food Chef” with a degree in Holistic Nutrition and an active certification as an Integrative Health & Lifestyle Coach, this is why my passion for cooking coupled with nutritionally-rich, seasonally-inspired meals continues to evolve. So for that, I thank you!

The seasons will come and go and depending on the circumstances, they can be very challenging. During these times we go through our own rotational diet, and adaptation to the shift of weather and the availability of truly fresh food. In the wintertime, all I want to do is cook natural proteins that promote energy and support my clients immune systems, while using warming spices and comforting foods. I want my veggies, fruits, herbs, and potatoes. There’s no way I’m giving any of them up!  And as luck would have it – the Bluffton Farmer’s Market has all that and more.

You’ll find many of these small-scale farmers and merchants aren’t just local, but they’re also family-owned businesses that share in a belief of loving God’s great green earth while promoting optimal health for our bodies. Shout out to Brown Box Organics who makes eating local, nutritious foods super easy and affordable!

Let food be your medicine and let medicine be your food. 

-Hippocrates, Greek Physician, 5th Century B.C.

According to Sustainable Table, the commercially grown produce and goods offered at your convenience stores have traveled an average of 1500 miles between farms to get to your table.  The produce available from our local and regional growers, however, have usually traveled less than 25% of the average commercial produce distributor. Additionally, foods from local farmers haven’t been modified by fluorescent lighting or altered by long-term cold storage. These things have a huge impact on our health and well-being.

Eating the freshest foods possible is imperant for us to maintain optimal health, and can be a game-changer for people whose health may be compromised. Women who are pregnant or acting, babies, growing teens, athletes, senior citizens – all of us need to keep nutrition in mind in order to live our best lives.


If you’re looking for a farmer’s market in your area, check out Local Harvest to find one near you!


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