Bad(ass) to the Bone

This is the place where I get to share the pure love and admiration I have for pets, while supporting movements like Adopt, Don’t Shop and advocating for causes such as Black Dog Syndrome. Come on in…

Straight from the Snout

Staying on top of your pet’s water consumption should be one of your priorities year round – but especially in the warmer months! Making sure they are getting enough clean water is essential to maintaining their optimal health.

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Turkey-Lurkey Pup Cakes

Made with antioxidant-rich pumpkin puree, fiber-filled brown rice, and protein-packed ground turkey – these pup cakes are a game changer!

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Pumpkin Puree

This puree is a staple in many of my recipes for myself and my pets. Bonus – it freezes well too!

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Home Cooked + Raw Meals

By adopting an approach to natural pet care, holistic nutrition and awareness, you can skillfully customize the nutritional needs of your pet and engage in a new preventative age of health care.

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Personal Chef for Humans + Pets

I use the same philosophy of of cooking for myself and for my pets – allow me to clear up a few myths about why people are skeptical about this way of thinking in the kitchen.

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How Ticks Affect Your Pet

We can almost predict the rules of engagement between us humans and canine hikers – however, it seems to take a little extra wisdom knowing if our pet is really welcome and what to expect in some of the natural habitats we’re approaching when we get there.

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Labels, Labels, and More Labels!

Colors, flavors and preservatives, oh my! Do you read beyond the front of that bag of dog or cat food? How about the box of your pet’s treats? Find all you need to know here, for the health of your pet!

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