36 ounces

Ready In:

15 Minutes


Pet Treat – Tonic

Good For:

Skin and Coat

Skin and Coat Saver –
Frozen Juice Shot

For my canine gang, this recipe was curated from and modified a little by a recipe in The Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care, CJ Poutinen (p.112), I love this book. It has been my personal bible on natural pet care and nutritional therapy for my fur family and my many canine clients and gang for many, many years.

I believe the original recipe was curated from a recipe in The Goldstein’s’ WELLNESS & LONGEVITY program.

I developed my adaptation of the original as a tonic and a treat for my boy Blue, his muse and littermate North, and my many canine clients. This canine gang had internal – external allergies that affected the nature of their skin and coats. And it worked for us. My holistic veterinarian even noted: “Their coats are so shiny; I can see myself in them.”

Providing your pet is not allergic (or sensitive) to the ingredients in this recipe like my canine gang, your pet can enjoy this as an occasional treat for regular coat care. My gang was treated on occasion with 1-2 tablespoons, three times a day (or an ice cube portion). Dogs up too 50 pounds were allowed up to 4 tablespoons a day (equivalent to a small Dixie cup portion). Cats also benefited by this!

This recipe is either poured over your pet’s meals or diluted in their water bowls or served as a frozen treat. I always freeze this large batch recipe and store it in a food grade storage container for up to one to two months. If making a switch and adding raw food treats to your pet’s diet, I suggest introducing them in small doses (like a 1/2 of a portion and graduating to more upon digestibility). Like I said, my canine gang had already made the transition from kibble to home cooked, and a semi-raw food diet – they had the ability to digest this treat. I would suggest reading Dr. Goldstein’s book for suggestions on transitioning.


6 large organic carrots

1 large organic beet (red or golden)

1 large organic granny smith apple (seeded/no seeds)

1 organic, English cucumber

8 sprigs of curly parsley (leaves only)

¼ cup, organic, frozen peas

¼ inch piece of ginger root

1 tsp braggs, apple cider vinegar (with mother)

Add 1/2 cup filtered water

Juicer (see notes)

Ice cube trays (portion for smaller breeds)

Small dixie cups (portion for larger breeds)


Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

Clean all fruit and veggies.

Step 2

Juice all ingredients.

Step 3

For small breeds: Use ice cube trays. Portion with 2 Tbsp. per each ice cube compartment and freeze until solid. Serve as desired.

Step 4

For large breeds: Use dixie cups. Portion by using 4 Tbsp. per each small dixie cup and freeze until solid. Serve as desired.

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