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4 hours

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Lunch, Dinner

Local, Organic Harvest Stew

Lively recipe for you and your pet!


Diet and nutrition can be managed for you and your pets from childhood to adulthood. The fast-food nature of ours and our pet’s packaged pet food lacks specific vital nutrients and naturally occurring enzymes that aid in proper digestion. Sadly, the end product ends up neglecting to provide the transportation of nutrients throughout the body that sustains life and promotes optimal health and healthy weight. Your pet should be eating human-grade food that looks like food, smells like food and actually tastes like food! This stew is super easy to make, is nutritious and delicious to boot!


lbs. chicken – organic, boneless, skinless thigh and breast, chopped

2 sweet potatoes – peeled, medium diced

cup frozen green beans, chopped

cup celery – coarsely chopped

cup carrots – coarsely chopped

cup turnips – coarsely chopped

cup brown rice

tbsp. garlic – chopped

tbsp. fresh parsley

tbsp. fresh oregano

tbsp. fresh mint

tbsp. unrefined sea salt

6 cups filtered water

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

Throw it all in a large crock pot. Cook, covered on the high setting for 1 hour, then continue to cook on low for about 4 hours until done.

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