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Nutella Espresso Torte

This cake is my adaptation of an original recipe developed by the great, Executive Chef and Restaurateur, Johnathon Mortimer of Boise, Idaho. He gave me my first shot as a real Pastry Chef and opportunity to help develop a recipe for a brand new West Coast Hotel in Boise in 1998 – The Grove Hotel. To him, I am truly grateful.

This delicious, dense Nutella inspired cake is super easy to make and the recipe is very forgiving. It bakes best in smaller pans or ring and hinge pans (cheesecake pans). My finished, cooled cake is smothered in Nutella or super chunky peanut butter. Or both! I often multiply this recipe by 2 and then stack the layers between a chocolate truffle cream. No one’s has ever complained about four delicious layers of chocolate cake!

I also like multiplying the recipe, because this cake freezes well. I’ll then have layers on hand, and bring them to an event as a hostess gift, just as they are. Take a jar of marshmallow fluff, and you’ve got a unique s’mores treat!



Wet Ingredients: Melt butter and chocolate in double boiler.

1/2 lb. sweet, unsalted butter (melted)

12 oz. bag bittersweet chocolate chips

6 egg yolks

3 eggs

3/4 cup bakers sugar (fine sugar) if you don’t have bakers sugar: simply process regular granulated to a fine texture

Combine all dry ingredients.

1/2 cup, roasted, skinned, hazelnuts, coarse chopped

1/2 cup, sifeted cake flour

2 tbsp. instant espresso powder (Madaglia D’oro or Ferrara)

Optional Toppings:

Ice cream

Optional: Nutella, peanut butter or chocolate sauce, and fluff



If making your own nut butter, use any combination of good, clean organic nuts like high fiber macadamias. Almonds, cashews and or peanuts - maybe a little coconut butter. Make your own Nutella using toasted, skinned hazelnuts (with a little cocoa & skim milk = Nutella)! Yummy! I also use pears in this recipe in the fall when they're peaked in flavor. Pears and almond butter are my favorite combo!

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

Prepare all ingredients and tools as suggested above. Heat your double boiler to medium. Preheat Convection Oven to 275°F. or standard oven to 300°F.

Step 2

Transfer melted butter and chocolate chips to your double boiler. Let rest there for about 5–10 minutes. Stir until uniformly combined and melted. Remove from heat and reserve till slightly cooled.

Step 3

In your stand mixer with whip attachment combine yolks, eggs and sugar. Whip until tripled in volume.

Step 4

Then carefully, by folding with spatula: add combined nuts & flour mixture to the egg mixture until uniformly combined (not deflated). Add mix to your parchment lined and spray-coated 10″ cake pans and bake in center of middle rack in oven for 25 minutes: and a pick or knife inserted into the center comes out without moist crumbs.

Step 5

Cool completely before removing from the pan or serving. If using a spring-form pan, remove the sides of the pan after the cake has cooled. Flip/turn the cooled cake onto a wire rack, remove the parchment paper, and then flip/turn the cake again onto a serving plate.

Serve cake slices with ice cream. Or smother entire cakes with optional toppings and serve as desired.

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