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Asian Sticky Ginger Cannon Balls

Cannon Balls are my spin on an old-style meatball, with a twist! These are delicious served in lettuce cups or as a protein in your favorite ramen bowl.

Bowl of Soul

A soul-inspired bowl packed full of nutrients and antioxidants, and with an added bacon bonus! You’re going to love this “bowl of soul” that I originally made for The Rolling Stones themselves 😜

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Lana’s Nordic Skinny Sliders

These meatballs are deliciously satisfying and satiating, and make me nostalgic for my soul friend Lana. They are a great clean performance dinner that’s easy and simple to make!

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Dim-Dun Gone Doughless

One of my favorite Chinese dumpling recipes! I love the combo of chicken or pork with shrimp, as well as the firm texture without the need of a wrapper!

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Sprinkle Baked Fish Cakes

These are the perfect clean version of a guilty pleasure TV dinner – with a side of my favorite baked sweet potato wedges and a yummy green salad.

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Asian Sticky Ginger Cannon Balls

I love to make these smaller in size and serve them in lettuce cups with shredded angel hair cabbage and a Thai peanut sauce or as a source of protein in ramen bowls.

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Basil Builder Cannon Balls

I love to incorporate fresh basil into these cannon balls for their delicious taste, as well as their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

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Albondigas Meatball Soup

Albondigas Soup is a traditional Mexican meatball soup (fun fact: albondigas means meatball in Spanish!) and it’s one of my favorite comfort foods of all time.

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Nacho-Ordinary Skillet

This skillet recipe can be served as a main vegan dish or as a plant-based side to dish to an alternative protein. Make it yours! Spice it up!

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Aussie Summer Barbie: Recipes Fit for a Rockstar

And I would know. These were some of my favorite recipes while cooking in the music and motion picture industry. My rockstars, movie stars and celebrity divas loved them all, and they still rock today.

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