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Join me on my clean food revolution to fill bellies and open minds – all while living a healthy lifestyle that’s easy, fun and kickass! I’m serving it all straight to you with a super-sized side of spunkiness.

Like a Rolling Stone

Joanie Veage is the force behind Joanie V, a spunky clean-eating trailblazer dedicated to spreading the whole foods and clean eating movement.

Throughout a 20-year culinary career with extensive world travel in the music and motion picture industry, Joanie identified the damaging effects of the “fast food culture” on her clients’ minds and bodies. She dedicated herself to transforming lives through the positive effects of a clean eating lifestyle.

Word spread of Joanie’s dedication to sourcing clean food and she was soon sought after by those who eat to live – from cool families in Boise, Idaho to fitness athletes and those who need nutritional transformations.

Get ready for the trip of your lifetime as Joanie shares her favorite recipes “cleaned up before plated up”!

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Eat to the
Healthy Beet

Super clean recipes packed with nutrition and committed to locally sourced, seasonally-inspired food just for you.

to the Bone

I’m sharing everything for my furry friends! Go-to healthy recipes, treats and DIY home remedies for pet-health.

Live, Love,
and Wander

Wander (and wonder) with me as I share my favorite experiences on the road, things I love, and what makes my heart skip a beat.

Tasty Bites

“The food that is sourced as close to home as possible is the food that I want on my table and on yours.”

Dijon Herbal Vinaigrette

Dijon Herbal Vinaigrette

This isn’t just your regular old green salad dressing – I also love it used as a spread for baguettes or as a marinade over white fish. Delish!

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Enjoy these seasoned potatoes in any of my skillet recipes or as a side dish. Don’t be shy – these baby potatoes are good, clean fuel for your body!

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Food for Thought…

How to Feed Your Mind

How to Feed Your Mind

To all my rockstars who find their true heart and soul in fitness – I hear you! I want to help you explore a mindset that will make you a true winner.

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Finding Your Inner Peace

Finding Your Inner Peace

Creating an inner sanctum, somewhere you crave to be when life goes haywire, is a vital part of becoming the best person you can be.

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Bake My Way

Bake My Way

In this post, I’m going to give you all my (not so) secret insights as to what you should look for in foods when you’re trying to be super healthy, but in a way that will still satisfy you and your family. Read on rockstar!

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